Heads Up Super Turbo Test

Do you believe you've got the skills to build a large bankroll, grinding out heads up super turbos?

Maybe you're already playing them and not happy with your results? In any case, I've put together this quick test so that you can run a quick check up on your thought process.

I'm going to cover a few basic and essential areas, from logical observations, pot odds spots, 3 and 4 bet math situations, to intuitive lines that we could take based on circumstances presented to us in the game itself.

Enjoy these ten simple questions and feel free to ask questions at the end and make a note of your score.

Question One

You're only on your fourth hand of a match against an unknown opponent. So far, pre flop, they have limped in twice from the button and called your raise.

On this limited amount of information, what kind of player type would you say that you're most likely facing?

1 - Tight aggressive player

2 - Loose aggressive player

3 - Loose passive player

4 - Tight passive player

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