Playing Suited Connectors

How To Play Suited Connectors

Here we are going to talk about playing suited connectors and more importantly, how to play suited connectors. We are going to look at what a suited connector is, what situations to look to play them, situations to avoid with suited connectors and what our over all thought process needs to be before we decide to play them.

What Is A Suited Connector?

Suited connectors are consecutive cards of the same suit, for example: 7h,8h is a suited connector (one of my favorite).

The Benefits Of Suited Connectors

There are a few premium hands in poker that we all fall in love with when we see them pre flop but suited connectors are the little gems that in the right situations have the ability to win huge pots. The main reason is that we can flop a really big, disguised hand or a monster draw and look to take someones entire stack in some cases when they have a big pair in the hole, especially at the lower stakes. Also the hands are very easy to play post flop if you miss entirely because you can let them go and not think much of it.

Good Situations To Play Suited Connectors

Now if I had a penny every time I have seen a player (especially at the low stakes) loose huge amounts of money by calling huge raises and re raises pre flop and then feeling committed to chase very flimsy draws when they got committed to the pot post flop. Then when they get berated by a few other players at the table they always have the same answer, "well they were suited".

Just because your hand is suited, does not give you the green light to play it regardless of the action before you. Now many of you are probably reading this and nodding that knowing, "yes I've seen that before" nod or realising that person is actually you. Well don't despair, we have all been there and that's why we're here, to learn right?

Lets talk about what a good spot to looks like when we're holding suited connectors. Firstly suited connectors play well in multi way pots rather than heads up and they play best when you have position in the hand (last to act post flop). What we are ideally looking for is an early position player to enter the pot and either an over caller before us and/ or pretty loose players in the blinds or behind us that we think will call as well (making the hand multi way).

With more players in the pot we give other players more of a chance to hit and hand when we hit a monster or a big draw and increase our chances of getting paid off when we hit. They are speculative hands that you invest a little many times to win big a few times in the right circumstances.

If a pot is raised then then re-raised pre flop and you are roughly 100bb (big blinds) deep, you will be folding suited connectors as it is now too expensive to see a flop and your implied odds are cut right down plus you don't know if the initial raiser with re-raise again thus forcing you out if you did call the 3bet, again a bad spot for suited connectors.

Be strict with yourself and just pick the best spots to play these hands and you'll start to see a nice profit from them. Many players loose money with suited connectors mainly because they are playing in pots that they have no business being in in the first place.

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