Value Bet

The value bet in poker is done for the very reason that the name implies. You think that you currently have the best hand and want to build the pot by getting more money in whilst you believe you're ahead. Reasoning that you are infront is going to come down to experience, your observations of other players at the table (especially who you are in a hand with) and reading the board textures but with time you'll get better at establishing where you are in a hand.

What The Value Bet Achieves

As we've already said, you want to get money in the middle whilst you believe you're a favorite to win and in a nutshell this is one of the main aims of poker.

The second most important reason to make a value bet is to charge people who may be holding draws. By betting close to pot size bets, you'll deny drawing hands the correct odds to call so they'll either fold or call against the odds which is going to show a long term profit for you.

Finally in some cases you'll have a more marginal hand that you may not be 100% sure is the best hand but could be (like top pair, medium kicker). In these cases, taking control of the hand by betting may mean that an opponent with a slightly better hand may check on future streets which means that you can take a free card if you feel the situation warrants it.

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