Poker Tilt

In poker there are many leaks a player can have that hurts their win rate. Staying in pots with drawing hands despite being given the wrong odds, playing too many marginal hands out of position, bluffing calling stations, etc, etc.

These are all things that can easily be pointed out to you and corrected. Your mental game however is a very different story.

What happens to you when you get your opponent to put his whole stack in on the turn while you're a 96% favorite and he spikes a two outer on the river?

Do you:

A. Laugh to yourself about the ups and downs of this fickle little game that we love so much.

B. Simply shrug it off and continue to play as if nothing has happened.

C. Feel your teeth clench together as you take a firmer hold of your mouse and set out for revenge.

D. Start to play like a super loose, aggressive maniac with a realistic chance of setting a large chunk of your bankroll alight.

If you chose answers A or B then well done, you have the apptitude to be a huge success in poker so don't waste your time reading the rest off the article.

If you chose any or both of the last two then you are prone to going on tilt and this will likely be a huge leak in your game. Good poker players that have tilting under control view these situations as simply part of the game and remember that they too will win their fair share of pots which they were a huge favourite to lose. Poker is simply one long game and the luck will equal itself out in the long run.

I know that's easy to say but if you are like me and simply unable to be that rational about it then do exactly as I do. Stop playing right there and then. Go watch some TV, go out for a walk, get some lunch, do anything other than play poker. Only come back to the game/s when you have coolled off and are ready to play solid, rational poker again.

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