Welcome to the HUSNG basics test

The idea of this very short test is to help you see if you have any fundamental holes in your game that can easily be fixed by my heads up poker course.

As well as finding any potential money losing flaws in your game the answers to the questions in this test will already help you make improvements to your strategy.

Don't Cheat Yourself!

This test is only going to be able to really help you if you answer the questions honestly. No-one is judging you, I don't see the answers you pick so it makes no difference to me if you cheat or not but you'll be hurting yourself as you may miss a real chance to plug some leaks for free

Question 1

You're playing a $5, reg speeds HUSNG (heads up sit and go). Your opponent has open folded his button about 20% of the time and limped nearly every hand that he has decided to play. Post flop he's check folded to your stabs most of the time and check called some of the time too.

You raise pre flop to $60 with QhJh and the flop comes down JcTc3s.

The blinds are low and you both have deep stackes behind you. Your opponent checks and you make a continuation bet of about half of the pot, betting $70 into a pot of $120. Your opponent check raises you to $210.

Do you

a) Flat call and re-evaluate the turn.

b) Fold and wait for a better spot.

c) Min re raise to 420.

d) Re-raise all in because there are potential stratight and flush draws on the board which he could have.

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