A bluff in poker is exactly as it sounds, a bet made when you have a weak hand but are trying to represent a strong hand in order to take the pot down which you otherwise could not of won.

Bluffing isn't just about winning a hand there and then, if you plan on playing in a game for long enough or regularly play against the same opponents then here are a couple of other good reasons to add bluffing into your game.

Why bluffing is an important part of a poker game

With the exception of the real micro stakes games perhaps, if you never ever bluff, your observant opponents will be able to quickly figure out how you're playing. When they realise that you're betting good hands and checking with nothing, you'll stand to win lots of small pots and lose the big ones which is going to spell doom for your bankroll.

Creating a table image

When you get caught bluffing, it's not the end of the world if you're going to be in the game long enough. Poker is a game that you have to constantly change gear in, in order to keep your opponents guessing.

If you never bluff and only play very few hands, your image at the table will be that of a tight/ honest player which means you'll never get action on your big hands unless someone else has a big or better hand.

Now lets assume you're playing aggressively and been caught bluffing, your image at the table now is tarnished and people will start giving your bets less respect. Now in this situation it's up to you as a good player to realise this and adjust to your new table image. The main way to adjust when you think your opponents suspect you of being a little out of line is to then tighten up.

You see when other players see you bluffing, they have a hard time forgetting it and you can now play ABC, straight forward poker for the rest of the game and be much more likely to get paid on your strong hands. The key is adjusting to the table. When they give you lots of respect, add more bluffs into your game, when they start to look you up light then tighten up and stick to value betting .

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