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Welcome to my free texas Holdem poker training videos page. I have been trying to think about the best way to break down these videos in terms of sub catergory and I have decided to seperate them into opponent types for the heads up SNG's and then all the cash games will be together as I don't make quite as many cash poker training videos.

One of the biggest failings of new heads up sng poker players is not being able to spot and adjust to varying player types which is fundimental to long term success in these games.

The buy in level of a heads up SNG is almost irrelivant or at least certainly secondary compared to having the correct game plan for a calling station to a maniac, or a really tight guy to a solid heads up sng reg.

So many new players have no clue of the adjustments they need to make which is why I spent two years creating my heads up sng poker course where I give students the complete guide to adjusting to the many different players they will face when taking on heads up sng poker games.

Poker Training Video Categories

Below you can choose from the categories of poker training videos.

Heads Up Hyper & Super Turbo Poker Training Videos

Cash Game Videos

Calling Stations

Loose/ Aggressive (maniacs)

Tight Passive (Rocks)

Hybrid Players (players that have a mix of more than one style)

Tag/ Regular Players

Heads Up SNG vs TAG Regs

This first page will have videos against tight (Taggy) regular looking players and go through how I like to tackle these guys depending on how they are playing.

  • NEW - Low Stakes Heads Up SNG Turbo Game Review - 30/07/2012
  • In this video, Tagpoker member 'DBS_CHAMP' kindly reviews the game of a struggling Tagpoker forum member, for free.

    His quirky, Irish sense of humor may be slightly lost on some of you but he has taken time out of his life to help this chap and has the very best of intensions in doing so.

    Enjoy this little gem.

    Topics Covered:: Mainly just logic behind betting and reasons for making plays.

  • NEW - Heads Up SNg vs Tight Reg (adjusting to game flow) - 20/02/2012
  • This is a poker video of a match where I play against a low stakes, tight reg in a heads up SNG. I focus on game flow, opponents changing gears, how to spot and adjust to it and I also talk about barreling, good cards, bads cards, when to give up and when to fire all three bullets.

    Topics Covered:: How to keep an eye on game flow, player adjustments to changing styles, barreling, bluffing, good and bad scare cards.

  • NEW - Mid Stakes vs Winning reg - 30th August 2011
  • Tagpoker forum member 'Golden' is yet another member to start out playing $1 Texas Hold em poker games and very quickly build up to the $100 Heads up SNG's whilst developing his poker strategy along the way.

    In this video he shares his insights in to how he did it and what people need to focus on to do the same.

    Topics Covered:Multi barrel bluffing, 3 bet bluffs, Defining Opponent Type, end game shoving.

  • NEW - Developing Reads and Spotting Tells - Live Game - 18th July 2011
  • This is a live Texas Hold em heads up SNG where I have tried to focus less on what I'm doing pre flop and more on defining my opponent and looking for tells to help formulate a counter strategy.

    I focus mainly on timing tells and bet patterns to help me decide when to bluff, when to pot control and so on. I also share an insight into my note taking for you.

    Topics Covered:Spotting Tells, Making Reads, Timing, Defining Opponent Type.

  • NEW - $15 vs Winning Reg - 5th July 2011
  • This video is of me playing Texas Hold em against another $15 heads up poker player. The guy is quite tight throughout but seems to get looser and more agro towards the end of the match.

    Topics Covered: Adjusting to tight players that then seem to loosen up and get more aggressive, spotting reads bet sizing tells and patterns.

  • NEW - $15 vs Winning Reg - 4th July 2011
  • This is a $15, heads up SNG, reg speed game played vs a marginal winning player with a lot of games under his belt. He has a fairly face up Texas Hold'em game which isn't too hard to exploit at these limits.

    Topics Covered: How standard some winning player play, spotting reads, ABC Poker, when to slow play.

  • NEW - $30 Leakfinder Video
  • This is a $30, reg speed, heads up Texas Hold'em, leakfinder video for Tagpoker top Team member 'Mr Corbishley'. The match is played against a fairly tight player who has moments of adjusting his play. In this video I focus on what you need to look out for to know when you're opponent is changing his style and what you can do to counter adjust.

    Topics Covered: Getting back to basics, spotting when an opponent has changed gears, how to adjust to your opponents changes.

  • NEW - Sausage plays a turbo game vs a winning reg
  • This is a dual commentary game where Tagpoker and 2+2 member Sausage faces off against a winning mid stakes reg in a turbo Heads up Texas Hold'em sit and go.

    Topics Covered: Pre flop aggression, 3 bet bluffing, thinking through decisions before making plays, pre flop ranges, playing out of position.

  • NEW - Blazing saddler vs Another Winning Reg
  • This is the second game review for Tagpoker Top Team member Blazing Saddler. He's being staked and coached by Brokerstar and Borg in a long term project to get him crushing the higher stake games where there are more sharks lurking about.

    Topics Covered: Adjustments for solid thinking players, level 3 thinking and how/ when to apply it, being more aggressive pre flop, 3 betting pre flop.

  • NEW - Blazing saddler vs Winning Reg
  • This is a game review for Tagpoker Top Team member Blazing Saddler. He's being staked and coached by Brokerstar and Borg in a long term project to get him crushing the higher stake games where there are more sharks lurking about.

    Topics Covered: Adjustments for solid thinking players, when to pot control and why, level 3 thinking and how/ when to apply it, being more aggressive to be able to play more hands, 3 betting pre flop.

  • - Mr Corbishley - $10 HUSNG - Game Review
  • $10 HUSNG game review for Tagpoker member, Mr Corbishley. This game is played against a fairly aggressive player and we talk about how to spot the difference betweeen a LAG and a TAG and then how to adjust.

    Topics Covered: Spotting TAG's and the difference between LAG's, Adjusting to aggressive players, betting patterns, good note taking, tells and exploiting them, out of position ranges.

  • - Tagpoker HU Shootout Review
  • This is an interesting twist on most training videos where we expose both sets of hole cards and talk about the match from both players perspective.

    Brokerstar and Sausage talk about the possible options avalible to both players and discuss the dynamics of a match vs a thinking, winning player compared to your average fish.

    Topics Covered: Playing winning & thinking players, understanding your opponents ranges and likely tendancies, adjustments needed compared to fish, game flow and match dynamics.

  • - Student Vs Teacher HUSNG
  • A match played between Brokerstar and one of his students Borg7.

    The match has an interesting dynamic as they both know how each other play and think, safe to say there are fireworks in this game with both players trying to out play each other. This could of easily gone either way.

  • - $500 - $5000 Bankroll Challenge $30 HUSNG 3
  • This is the third $500 - $5000 bankroll building video. It's another $30 HUSNG.

    Our opponent is very aggressive in position and more tight/ passive when in the big blind (out of position). Over all I would say he is a fairly tight/ aggressive player and there are lots of interesting spots to talk about.

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