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Page 1 - $50 Deposit on Blackship (Slow start)

Page 2 - 500 game milestone

Page 3 - Running about 30 buy ins below EV

Page 4 - Moving up in stakes ($4 games)

Page 5 - Rough break even stretch, but players still as bad.

Page 6 - Swapped poker room and moved up to $8 games

Page 7 - Moved to Carbon poker, nice videos of $8 players

Page 8 - Combined player alias results, more videos

Day 17 - Next level looks just the same

well tonight is my first night at the dizzy heights of the $4 super turbos and all seems much the same. The only real difference is the fact that the rake is only 3.75% rather than the 5% in the 2's. This extra 1.25% saving should really start to add up in this format of the game.

Day 18 - Breakeven & Running Bad

I am running about 30 buy ins below EV, which to be fair, has been a feature for the most part of this challenge so far. The last few hundred games have just been beyong sick and mainly I've been coolered to death.

I stopped playing for a bit and just went back over all of my strategy to ensure that I was playing correctly and then got back to the tables.

I know this is standard for super turbos, but I struggle to see why everyone is so in love with these games? If it wasn't for the fact that you guys love them so much, I'd never play another one lol.

Day 19 - EV heading back up!

So my EV line is heading back in the right direction, but alas, the green line is still doing what it does best and my break even period continues.

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