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Combined Results So Far

Below I have merged together my three player aliases on merge so far for this challenge, fingers crossed I will stay on Carbon as Brokerstar now?

You can also see what a huge difference the 35% VIP rake back makes to my results, taking my win rate from 5.7% to 7.2% (which in super turbos is huge!!!) not to mention adding nearly an extra $100 on to my profits.

Player aliases: MobyD1ck, Mobysd1ck, Brokerstar

Monster Sessions (for me ha ha)

I have been two tabling the $11 games on Merge like a high rolling balla, soon to be drinking Dom, straight out of the bottle.

The structure of the games has just been changed and they have been bought more in line with with the offerings of Stars and Full Tilt, but the real bonus is that 99.67% of the traffic comes from the US, so that combined with the stakes just results in fish by the boat load.

Double Session Graph

It feels like I've been stuck in the micros forever. Starting at the $2 games just gets harder and harder every time I do a challenge. This will be the last bankroll build that I do now. I've done $50 - $5k in reg speed HUSNG's, I've done $50 - $10k in cash games, and now $50 - $5k in heads up super turbos, and I have to say, these micro stakes games have been more of a mental chore, as the light at the end of the tunnel always seems so far off.

However, it looks like I'm about to move up to the $20 level, where three figure days will be much more common at least, and the challenge should really start to speed up as well as be a bit more interesting.

I've just been following the strategy in my heads up super turbo beginners to winners course to the letter, and although it has felt like a grind, it's nice to see that the strategy does what it's meant to do and builds a bankroll/ prints money.

Another Milestone - $1000!

So after grinding the micros for what feels like forever, I've just hit the four figure mark for the first time in this challenge and looking to move up to the $22 high roller stakes shortly.

In every bankroll challenge that I've done, $50 - $1000 has always been the most difficult (mainly mentally). There only a couple more buy in levels to go now until the challenge is finished and I can finally spend my money on high class hookers and Dom PĂ©rignon.

If you want to copy my challenge and turn $50 - $5000 playing heads up super turbos then make sure you get you r strategy together with my complete beginners to winners course and start printing money!

Heads Up Super Turbo Course

For the first time ever, I give away absolutley ALL of my heads up super turbo tactics in a complete course.

I am following my own course, step by step, for my bankroll challenge to demonstrate that you too can roll $50 into $5000+ with this strategy.

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