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Page 1 - $50 Deposit on Blackship (Slow start)

Page 2 - 500 game milestone

Page 3 - Running about 30 buy ins below EV

Page 4 - Moving up in stakes ($4 games)

Page 5 - Rough break even stretch, but players still as bad.

Page 6 - Swapped poker room and moved up to $8 games

Page 7 - Moved to Carbon poker, nice videos of $8 players

Page 8 - Combined player alias results, more videos

Day 3 On Poker View & Running Over EV Didn't Last Long!

Why is it that running under EV -- for me -- is so easy to do for a duration of games that runs into the thousands, yet running over EV lasts for merely double digits?

Day 4 On Poker View - Clawing back my overall EV (Nice)

So in my last graph from Blackchip poker I was running about 30 buy-ins below EV and now I seem to be having a change of fortune.

Better not speak too soon, I'd hate to jinx it!!

Heads Up Super Turbo Course

For the first time ever, I give away absolutley ALL of my heads up super turbo tactics in a complete course.

I am following my own course, step by step, for my bankroll challenge to demonstrate that you too can roll $50 into $5000+ with this strategy.

Day 5 On Poker View - Spiking

Having a nice little upswing to break what has almost been a bit of a red flat line. The games on Merge from 11pm UK time onwards are insanely fishy and very easy to beat for a nice clip.

I'm yet to come across a single player that seems to know how to play at the $8 level and very soon I'll be moving up to the $15.30's (high roller time).

Switching To Carbon Poker

So after starting my challenge with a humble $50 on 'Blackchip' Poker, I then moved to 'Pokerview' and now I am switching to 'Carbon poker' as Poker view has been sold off.

Day 1 On Carbon Poker

It's my first day on Carbon Poker and I'm playing some $8 just before I move up to the $15's. As always the games are really soft, due to most of the opposition not knowing how to play poker and it's really just a case of playing a solid ABC game, and following the course that I've put together for the Merge network and this format specifically.

The Average $8 Opposition On Merge

I thought I'd share a couple of random $8 heads up super turbo games with you, not only to show you how easy the competition here is, but also share a few key concepts that many new players tend to forget.

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