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Page 1 - $50 Deposit on Blackship (Slow start)

Page 2 - 500 game milestone

Page 3 - Running about 30 buy ins below EV

Page 4 - Moving up in stakes ($4 games)

Page 5 - Rough break even stretch, but players still as bad.

Page 6 - Swapped poker room and moved up to $8 games

Page 7 - Moved to Carbon poker, nice videos of $8 players

Page 8 - Combined player alias results, more videos

Day 9 - 85 games (getting close to some kind of volume lol)

Smashed in a bunch of games while Alex made a killing in the 5/10 cash games (I was only slightly jealous). But I have a plan and I'm sticking to it.

Won't be long now until I'm smashing the $4 super turbos and drinking Dom, straight out of the bottle!

Ginger Ninja Bloody Berry Energy Shake

This is a must have drink, to give you the energy to get through a monster grinding session, the healthy way. For full instructions on how to make it check out this page for the recipe.

Day 10 - The green line is teasing me!

I know I said I'm not going to be results orientated but the fickle bitch that is my actual winnings almost looked as if it was going to kiss and make up with red line so that I could move up to the next level!

Oh well, back to the grind. It amazes me how I can easily get back into building a fresh roll.

Day 11 - Will not be results orientated

As the title says really, I won't be results orientated at all, not even slightly frustrated that I haven't moved up yet........... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The green line will catch the red, the green line will catch the red. This is actually the mantra that's keeping me playing right now. It'll all look pretty in the end, but for now, it's time to call it a night.

Heads Up Super Turbo Course

For the first time ever, I give away absolutley ALL of my heads up super turbo tactics in a complete course.

I am following my own course, step by step, for my bankroll challenge to demonstrate that you too can roll $50 into $5000+ with this strategy.

Day 12 - 30 Buy Ins Below EV - Not Fun!!!

I imagine that in heads up super turbos, the prospect of running 30 or more buy ins below EV is pretty standard but my god does it suck fat balls!

I really hoped that I would of moved up in stakes by now but instead I'm still stuck much where I started although my EV line is just about keeping my enthusiasm to play going!

Day 13 - Clawing back some EV!!!

Just banged in another 50 games whilst single tabling and luckily enough I managed to claw back a few buy ins in EV. Now I'm only 24 below, but I guess it could be worse.

Can't wait to move up and start making headway in this challenge! :)

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