The Ultimate Poker Bankroll Building Strategy

This guide is going to show you exactly how to start with nothing and end up with a $5000 online poker bankroll. You will learn more than just simple bankroll management, you will learn where to get your hands on genuinely free poker money, I'll be talking you through a strategy of which poker games to play, I'll be giving you my complete small balling heads up poker course, all you need to do is be old enough to play and not tilt off all of your money when you're steaming.

This is going to be a no nonsense guide to building a solid poker bankroll, this is NOT some kind of get rich quick scheme. This will take hard work on your part, time studying, concentration and thought when you play.

If however you are ready to do what it takes, then I promise you that this guide will get you to where you want to go.

Building a $5000 poker bankroll out of nothing

Bellow you'll see a graph to some results of mine turning $50 into $5000 playing only heads up SNG's. Granted I made a $50 deposit, but as I have already said, I will show you exactly how to get a poker room to give you a free poker bankroll, no deposit needed, although you must be legally old enough to play in order to get the money.

Step 1- Getting a free poker bankroll

I have tested several free poker money offers online and found one that I really like. The main reason for this is the simplicity of getting your hands on the cash so that you can get started.

Your poker cash is a site dedicated to getting players free poker money with no deposit required. There's a huge selection of sites to choose from and the best part is that you don't need to take tests or pass a quiz, in order to get your poker bankroll.

Step Two - Having a solid bankroll management plan

This is VERY IMPORTANT. Some of the poker rooms that give you free poker bankrolls, will give you up to $150 (which is awesome) but initially will only give you say $25 to get started. Now if you play above your roll and spew the money in a couple of games, then you will NOT be given the rest of the bankroll.

This is why you need to start off grinding at the micro stakes, the lowest stakes you can find for heads up sit n go games. Most sites will have $1.15 games and this is where you'll start but we will be looking to move up as soon as is reasonably possible. I won't go into the full details of bankroll management here, as I've already covered in my bankroll management strategy page.

What I will give you though is a visual diagram on the move up and move down strategy that we're going to be employing, in order to keep the risks of going broke to a minimum as well as give us the best shot of having our entire free bankroll released.

Step Three - My small balling course (FREE)

For years now I've been selling my heads up SNG small balling course for $95, but now I'm going to be giving it away to those of you that are actually serious about following in my footsteps and turning a tiny amount of money into a healthy poker bankroll.

This course is completely packed with information that will show you exactly how I beat these games, and for such a high win rate. I'm not going to get into some kind of sales pitch here, I'm giving away what took me moths to create, for free!

If you want to find out more about what my small balling course contains, then read about it on my poker coaching products page.

How do you get it for free?

Quite simply, anyone who's going to undertake the challenge of 'the ultimate poker bankroll strategy' and gets their free starting bankroll through Your Poker Cash will be eligible.

Just send me an e-mail to when you receive your starting bankroll and I'll send you the download links for the entire course.

This does NOT include the 1-1 free coaching session but you will get all of the strategy videos and that alone has been enough to get many players to become solid winners.

Step Four - Getting Started

  • Choose a poker room and free bankroll for your challenge.
  • Study the bankroll management strategy.
  • E-mail me about downloading your course (
  • Start playing at the micro levels, following my exact strategy in the videos.
  • Plan what you're going to spend your $5000 on (unless you're wanting to just keep moving up).
  • Study additional free poker training videos on the site.
  • Start a bankroll building thread in our poker forum to keep yourself motivated.
  • Share this page with your friends on Facebook (well if you don't ask, you don't get).
  • Most of all, enjoy the journey. It will be frustrating at times but remember, if poker was that easy, everyone would quit their jobs and be doing it.

    Please do share this page

    I'm giving away my life work for free and just think how many of your friends could benefit from an extra income too?

    If you have any questions, please comment below

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