Poker Bankroll Building Challenge

I build a $5000 poker bankroll from only $50 in less than 1000 matches!!!!

I have undertaken a Chris Ferguson style poker bankroll building challenge where I intend to roll up a $5000 bankroll starting from the lowest stake games and only a $50 deposit.

Having completed $50 - $500 part of this challenge I am now starting on phase two. Here I will be keeping you all updated with blog style updates on how I'm getting on as well as making training videos so you too can follow in my footsteps.

I have made some free poker training videos to show you exactly how I crush these games. If however you want to learn my complete strategy in just 4 short hours then you can take one of my poker training courses

I easily managed to turn a $50 bankroll into a $5000 poker bankroll in less than 1000 heads up sit and go games. If you want to also build a bankroll, fast then you can take one of mypoker training courses to fast track your skills.

Discuss the challenge or talk to me directly in the Tagpoker forum.

Bankroll Challenge Updates

Update 1 - $730

  • Starting Phase Two - Won 4/5 Games so far!
  • Update 2 - $800

  • New years Eve - 21 Games Played
  • Update 3 - $930

  • Up 10 Buyins!
  • Update 4 - $949

  • Dealing with downswings
  • Update 5 - $1050

  • Moving up to the $50 games
  • Update 6 - $1150

  • Moving up, moving down, moving up. Ah The swings of HUSNG's
  • Update 7 - $1523

  • $50 HUSNG's - Take 2
  • Update 8 - $1510

  • Swinging is not that much fun
  • Update 9 - $1600

  • Just as I thought I was back to winning!
  • Update 10 - $1750

  • Small volume but nice results
  • Update 11 - $2024

  • Getting back in the game.
  • Update 12 - $2500

  • Moving up to the $80's.
  • Update 13 - $3100

  • Playing the $80's & $100's
  • Update 14 - $4300

  • Final Stretch!
  • FINISH - $5000

  • Victory Dance

  • New Super/ Hyper Turbo $50 - $5000 Bankroll Challenge Blog

    How to turn $50 into $5000 + playing heads up super turbos

    Blog Pages

    Page 1 - $50 Deposit on Blackship (Slow start)

    Page 2 - 500 game milestone

    Page 3 - Running about 30 buy ins below EV

    Page 4 - Moving up in stakes ($4 games)

    Page 5 - Rough break even stretch, but players still as bad.

    Page 6 - Swapped poker room and moved up to $8 games

    Page7 - Moved to Carbon poker, nice videos of $8 players

    Free Coaching & Beginners To Winners Heads Up Super Turbo Course

    My complete strategy that I'm using while playing these games, in this challenge is now available in my heads up super turbo, beginners to winners course.

    I have a special offer running for the first 25 people that buy the course, if you also join up on Carbon poker through the link below then I'll do free game review coaching for every 1000 games you play on there.

    The beauty of heads up super or hyper turbos is that each game only lasts a few minutes and volume is really easy to achieve. This is a great chance to not only get my game plan all mapped out for you, but to get free 1-1 coaching, over skype, with me.

    If you just want to buy the course, then that's fine, you can simply use the 'pay now' button bellow or buy it on the 'super turbo, beginners to winner course page'.

    If you're really keen to be one of the lucky ones who qualifies for the free coaching on top of that, then make sure -- after purchasing the course -- that you sign up to Carbon poker, using the link in the box bellow and then send an e-mail to me at my e-mail address to confirm all of your details. Your first 1-1 session will be booked in after you have completed your first 1000 heads up matches, on your new account.

    $95 - Beginners To Winner Course

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