Heads up Poker Coaching Courses

Bellow are my two heads up poker training course that have come about from years of playing, coaching and being coached myself by several coaches.

The goal of this site has always been to provide new players with a stepping stone to getting themselves and their games on the right track to being winning poker players.

However, for many players, the hardest part about learning, is being able to break down all of the information at hand and structure it in a way that makes sense to progressively improving their play.

Heads Up Super Turbos - Beginners To Winners Course

My complete strategy that I'm using while playing these games, in this challenge is now available in my heads up super turbo, beginners to winners course.

I have a special offer running for the first 25 people that buy the course, if you also join up on Carbon poker through the link below then I'll do free game review coaching for every 1000 games you play on there.

The beauty of heads up super or hyper turbos is that each game only lasts a few minutes and volume is really easy to achieve. This is a great chance to not only get my game plan all mapped out for you, but to get free 1-1 coaching, over skype, with me.

If you just want to buy the course, then that's fine, you can simply use the 'pay now' button below.

If you're really keen to be one of the lucky ones who qualifies for the free coaching on top of that, then make sure -- after purchasing the course -- that you sign up to Carbon poker, using the link in the box bellow and then send an e-mail to me at my e-mail address to confirm all of your details. Your first 1-1 session will be booked in after you have completed your first 1000 heads up matches, on your new account.

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about what the course actually consists of, then check out my full review here.

$95 - Beginners To Winner Course

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Small Balling Heads Up SNG's

I have spent years putting together not only this entire website but also the creation of my 'Beginner to Winner' heads up, SNG, poker course.

Although having access to a huge amount of free poker training videos and a poker forum has helped a lot of you guys improve your game, there was still something missing for most of you to become consistent winners in heads up sit and goes.

This is when I set out to create a complete course relating to my own strategy. My aim was to create a complete guide to my style of play to take you from a beginner to a winner.

I inlisted the help of many top players to share their insights and help me create a solid product that laid all of the foundations for you to play well and build a nice bankroll, when ever and where ever you wanted.

After this site and charity bankroll challenges, my beginner to winner course is my proudest creation. I love seeing the feedback from the guys that have done the course as well as seeing the graphs they post in the forums. I'm always excited about helping others follow the same road, I really have put a huge amount of thought and effort into this labour of love.

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For more detailed information on exactly what the course consists of, read the full review here.

$95 - Small Ball Heads Up Poker Course (regular speed games)

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