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Welcome to Tagpoker and our amazing poker forum

How does a poker forum help you improve your game?

At Tagpoker I have trained so many people on a one to one basis become winning poker players. As the sites grown so fast it's been hard to give that same amount of help to all of the new members.

In my poker forum you will find many players that are already consistently winning in a variety of poker games that are so friendly and love to help new members get started.

Why would winning poker players help strangers?

That's a great question and the fact is that all of these guys that are now giving advice on the games were once not able to beat them themselves. It's only been through other people helping them and a lot of hard work that they are where they are today.

This is the main reason why so many of these guys help the new poker forum members, it's their way of giving back.

Other forum member benefits

As well as finding players that have already learnt how to win at poker I put all of my new poker training videos in the forum and only about half on the main site so forum members really do get additional help with the game.

Forum members can also:

  • post videos of games they played to get feedback from a large audience
  • Post hands that they found difficult to discuss better and more profitable ways to play them
  • Make new study partners in group strategy sessions
  • share the ups and downs of becoming a winning poker player with a bankroll thread
  • Mainly though, beyond anything else, it's just a really cool community that I am very proud to be a part of. The members of this forum have gone on to teach me so much about the game and they are just the nicest, most helpful poker community that I have ever seen.

    There are not many rules in this poker forum but one thing that will get you banned is having a really bad attitude. Don't be rude to others or try and make anyone look silly. In the Tagpoker forum, we are all on the same side, one team, all heading in the same direction and together we are stronger.

    Visit the Tagpoker Forum now and say hello to the guys today. it will be one of the best moves you'll ever make if you're serious about becoming a winning poker player.

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