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Welcome To The Texas Hold'em Poker School

Heads Up Poker School & Free Texas Hold em Poker Lessons.

Welcome to Tagpoker.

What will you find at this poker school?

Here you will learn how to turn a small, online poker deposit into a bankroll worth thousands of dollars with the help of my free poker training videos, poker tactics articles and my all new ultimate poker bankroll building strategy.

There is also a poker forum where other Tagpoker members plus previous and current students are on hand to help you out with game reviews as well as answering questions you may have about hands and situations that you're struggling to understand.

The major difference with this free poker training site is that we're all a team and on the same side, helping each other to collectively reach our poker goals.

$50 - $5000 Super Turbo Bankroll Challenge Blog

How to turn $50 into $5000 + playing heads up super turbos

Blog Pages

Page 1 - $50 Deposit on Blackship (Slow start)

Page 2 - 500 game milestone

Page 3 - Running about 30 buy ins below EV

Page 4 - Moving up in stakes ($4 games)

Page 5 - Rough break even stretch, but players still as bad.

Page 6 - Swapped poker room and moved up to $8 games

Page7 - Moved to Carbon poker, nice videos of $8 players

Page 8 - Combined player alias results, more videos

To read more abou where I'm up to in this challenge the check out my bankroll building challenge blog

What is my poker school all about?

The goal of Tagpoker is to teach you how to win at poker (no limit Texas Hold'em) through a series of poker lessons. Basically, I will show you how to win more money from playing Online Texas Hold'em.

Let me breakdown the goals of Tagpoker for you:

Free Poker Training Videos

I aim to give you the best online poker lessons that really do show you how to play poker by watching my poker training videos.

Many new (and more advanced) players find that by watching videos of winning poker players, explaining their thought process and approach to the games being played, helps them becoming solid players, much faster than simply reading articles and books and is often more cost effective than 1-1 coaching.

Poker Bankroll Challenges

Ever since Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson did his $0 - $10,000 bankroll challenge a few years back, people have been inspired to try similar feats. The hardest part was going from $0 to just a few dollars so that's why I focus on bankroll challenges where at least a $50 deposit is made.

I've done many over the years and now I am currently doing a heads up super turbo bankroll challenge so make sure you check it out.

Beginners To Winners Poker Courses

I have created a complete course to turn beginner poker players into winners with my poker coaching courses.

Even though there is a huge amount of information and support on the site already and that probably is enough to get you to the level of a winner, the truth is that lots of people lack the structure needed to progress their games.

This course is layed out to give you a step by step learning programme and should fill gaps in your knowledge ina few short hours as opposed to months of watching all of the videos on the site.

Have You Ever Tested Your Poker Knowledge?

If you're wondering if you really need poker coaching then try my quick 10 question heads up SNG test.

Are you finding this site helpful?

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This will also help you keep track of all of my latest articles and videos.

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